Caroflow Product Range

A comprehensive range of Roof and Floor Drainage Products
Drainage outlets for Flat Roofs, Balconies and Terraces
Floor Outlets with high quality, machine finished gratings
Shower Outlets for restricted height installations - vinyl or tiled floors
Caroflow Roof Drainage Products

Caroflow Roof Drainage Products

Caroflow Roof Drainage outlets ensure a watertight connection between the water/damp proofing membranes and the drainage pipe work, thereby removing the problem of water penetration at this crucial junction. The outlets provide a ready made, engineered, sump that is mechanically sealed to the membranes and then connect that sump securely to the pipe work.

Caroflow Floor & Shower Drainage Products

Caroflow Floor & Shower Drainage outlets are manufactured to the highest standards to give superb products that combine superior corrosion resistant materials with an aesthetically pleasing finish and the assurance of performance expected from all CARO products.

The range includes Untrapped & Trapped Floor Outlets along with a selection of Shower Outlets for sheet and tiled flooring applications.

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