Carosystems Paving Pedestals in action

Paving Pedestals

? Caro Support Paving Slab Support System

? Caro Paving Pedestals protect the waterproofing membrane from direct contact damage, Ultra Violet degradation and temperature extremes

? Our Paving Pedestals ensure immediate drainage between and under slabs and prevent the build up of standing water and plant growth

? Installation is so simple, the Paving Pedestals reduce time and labour

? All drainage outlets, conduits, etc, concealed below slabs, leaving a safe, unobstructed paved area

? Caro Paving Pedestals have a 175mm diameter and have a thickness of 15mm.

? Our Paving Pedestals are stackable upto eight supports high, for various heights of raised paving.

? 2mm Levelling Shims are also available for fine tolerance adjustment in the deck.

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