Case Study 4 - Gloucestershire

Caro FDS were approached by the local council in Gloucester to provide a flood protection solution to three openings situated adjacent to the City's Quayside. The barriers needed to be robust enough to cope with the swelling waters of the Quay as well as being manufactured to a specific height to match that of the existing walls.

Client Name: Mr B

Type of Project: Local Authority

Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

All barriers supplied 0.5m high*
1 x WaterDoor Barrier
- 1.36m wide
2 x WaterWall Barriers
- ranging from 2.42m to 3.76m wide

* Aluminium Panels for the WaterDoor and WaterWall are manufactured in heights of 0.2m as standard, but Caro FDS can produce non-standard heights as "specials", as demonstrated in this particular project.