Case Study 1 - Lincolnshire

Following a “high tide” incident previously, the East Lindsey District Council had to find the best and most convenient method of protecting their tenants in the large, on beach, Concession building on the sea front.
Both the Caro WaterWall and WaterDoor products fitted this need, allowing for full access, both out front as well as at the rear, during the busy season for the kiosks. If needed the barriers could be erected within minutes.
Once this busy season had finished it meant that the Concession holders were able to erect their barriers and leave them up through the winter, if they so desired, in the knowledge that they would not be affected should another flood event happen whilst they weren’t there.
Client Name: East Lindsey District Council

Type of Project: Local Authority

Location: Skegness, Lincolnshire

All barriers supplied 1.2m high
8 x WaterDoor Barriers - ranging from 1.2m to 1.83m wide 
6 x WaterWall Barriers - ranging from 4.73m to 5.85m wide
 Flood protection barrier wall     Flood protection barrier wall    

 Flood protection barrier wall     Flood protection barrier wall