Case Study 2 - Cumbria

The Residents Committee of these private apartments in Cumbria, investigated a number of options when searching for a barrier that would protect them in the, extremely likely, event of another river breach.
Using the skills and resources of a local Builder’s Merchant, with a specialist Flood Defences Dept., they determined that the Caro WaterDoor (and WaterWall)  barriers would give them all they needed by way of peace of mind in a fully demountable system.
As it was a case that all the flats affected were at ground level and that these flats wanted to continue to enjoy their easy access to the gardens and thereby the nearby river, they had to be assured that the system chosen would be removable and not detract from their enjoyment.
Caro WaterDoor and WaterWall fitted all these needs.
Using pre-fabricated assemblies, the barriers were able to be positioned and installed quickly and accurately.
Client Name: Elliot Park Flats Residents Association
Type of Project: Residential

Location: Keswick, Cumbria

All barriers supplied 1.2m high
10 x WaterDoor Barriers - ranging from 0.88m to 1.95m wide 
2 x WaterWall Barriers - ranging from 2.25m to 2.525m wide


Flood Defence WaterDoor | Cumbria | UK | Flood protection     Flood Defence WaterDoor | Cumbria | UK | Flood protection

Flood Defence WaterDoor | Cumbria | UK | Flood protection    Flood Defence WaterDoor | Cumbria | UK | Flood protection