Make your flood equipment less obtrusive with Aluminium Post Covers

Aluminium Post Covers, manufactured by Caro Flood Defence Systems, are the perfect optional extra to aid the appearance and safe-keeping of your Waterwall and Waterdoor.

Available to suit reveal and face fix wall rails at all height options (300mm, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm), the post covers are:
  • Manufactured using Certified material from an ISO9001 registered source
  • Produced from U-channel purchased in 5 metre lengths, fabricated and welded in-house by Caro FDS to suit rail height
  • Powder coating option to RAL colour of your choosing, thereby matching their surroundings and making them less obtrusive when the equipment is not in use
  • Hole pre-drilled and relevant fixings provided to firmly secure post cover to rail
Starting at £89.00 plus VAT per set, Caro’s Aluminium Post Covers have proved a hit on a number of flood protection schemes nationwide.
Should post covers not be for you, Caro have the facility to powder coat its reveal and face fix wall rails (at time of manufacture) and also the Aluminium panels if required.

Removable flood protection     Removable flood protection

For more information on Caro Flood Defence Barriers and services, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email Alternatively you can visit the CARO Group website here.


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World leading flood defence system, caught on film!

Caro Flood Defence Systems manufacture one of the world's leading flood defence systems, The Waterwall and Waterdoor. See our NEW video below with more detail on the superior products.

• Mountable & demountable flood protection
• Produced to order from Caro's UK Manufacturing Plant
• Extremely quick & very easy to install
• From Flood Warning to erection in a matter of minutes
• Aluminium & Steel manufacture - last a life time & more
• Suitable for residential and commercial protection

With over 15 years manufacturing experience, Caro Flood Defence Systems can offer bespoke solutions for almost any scenario giving a proven and successful system, with Quality Assurance to ISO 9001:2008.

Removable flood protection    Removable flood protection    Removable flood protection

For more information on our Flood Defence Barriers and services, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email Alternatively you can visit the CARO Group website here

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Innovation is an attitude

Made In Britain is a phrase that is often used to define the consumer requirement in the UK, but as time has ebbed on Made In China seems to have quietly and unconsciously replaced it.

Here at the Caro Group we are proud of our manufacturing history dating back to 1827; including the provision of an exhibit for the Great Exhibition in 1851. The Caro Group are constantly changing and adapting to the manufacturing environment which has allowed us to thrive in a time when the industry in general, is struggling.

Caroflow Limited has recently launched an enhanced version of its WaterWall and WaterDoor demountable Flood Defence barrier, which has been created with the aid of customer feedback in our design offices.  This innovative new barrier allows total flood protection for both residential and industrial properties, with small and large scale options. The barrier is currently being approved by the British Standards Institute, allowing Caroflow to move forward with expert market knowledge and provide a first class UK designed product in a market worth £6Billion. 

Caro Systems are likewise renowned for the quality of their paving slab support systems, but moving boldly forward they have launched a new adjustable system for both paving and decking, allowing them to further establish themselves in the market. 

Maybrey Precision Castings are also forging ahead with innovative manufacturing, in the Die and Sand Cast product market.  Manufacturing in the UK has been hit badly by the migration of casting to Eastern Europe. However, Maybreys have managed to stay in the top 10 medium sized foundries in the UK by investing in cutting edge environmental and reclamation plant, allowing them not only to cut costs, but also to retain work by adhering the company to ever increasing environmental legislation.

The Caro Group of Companies have the benefit of a structured support group which drives forward product design by allowing all the companies to draw on years of expertise in areas such as design, marketing, sales and finance to allow the pioneering attitude that exists in the group to flourish.

With innovation in the UK at an all time high, the group has moulded every aspect of creativity and ingenuity to get to the forefront of the manufacturing market in the UK and our forward thinking attitude will assure that we stay there.      

Flexible flood protection for electricity sub-station

A recent installation at a major Electrical sub-station, in West London, has further shown the flexibility and scope that Caro Flood’s WaterWall Defence Barrier can bring to such unique projects.

The client had required a barrier that could completely surround the large external electrical equipment on site, without preventing access into the fenced off enclosure and all components could be stored away when not needed. Caro Flood’s WaterWall was a perfect solution, but with few right-angles in sight, the resulting design was pretty unique and included a very long run of panels!
As with all Caro Flood projects, compound angles were calculated and a bespoke solution designed with multiple non-standard angles; before production was started with delivery to site within two weeks.
The location, which is right beside a river, has been affected by flooding in the past and the station is under continual threat. The clients had to get something in place as soon as possible and, after in-depth research, they decided on the Caro Flood Defence Systems WaterWall and WaterDoor products because of its reliability and convenient storage.
GRK Flood Defences were the sub-contracted installers to the Main Contractors on site. A major supplier and provider of Flood Defence products, GRK Flood have supplied Caro WaterWall and WaterDoor to many residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.
A combination of experienced installers and WaterWall’s simple design, meant installation was quick and the sub-station fully protected from future flooding within one week of arriving on site.
If you are looking flood prevention solutions, please contact the Caro Flood Defence sales team on 01763 244446, for more information or your no obligation quote.
Author: Roger Wood

Removable flood protection

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Removable flood protection