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Caro Pedestal Paving & Decking Support System

After over 32 years of supplying the Caro Support system, the introduction of the Caro Pedestal allows us to give an even more extensive range of solutions to the supporting of Paved Areas and to be able to offer a very comprehensive answer to the problem of Decked and Gridded areas.

As with the original Caro Support system, the use of Paving and Decking Pedestals allows:
  • Immediate drainage between and under the area, thereby preventing the build up of standing water and plant growth
  • Protection of the waterproofing membrane from temperature extremes and direct contact damage
  • Much simpler installation, which reduces time and labour
  • Most services, drainage outlets, conduits, wiring, etc, can be concealed below leaving a safe, unobstructed area
  • A larger than average base area giving greater weight distribution
  • Instant access to replace damaged slabs or decking or to be able to inspect services without damaging the original installation.

Add to these, the facts that the Caro Pedestals can allow for infinite adjustment in height and level to ensure a level and rigid installation and can be built from various modular components, you will begin to see why it has been successfully specified and used throughout Europe since 1978.

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The Adjustable Pedestal Bases are available in four heights which, when the relevant Support Plate is chosen (for Decking, Paving and Gridded areas) will give a huge amount of choice for height variances. The large and easy to access threaded “wheel” adjuster gives unrestricted height tuning, so as to achieve the perfect flat surface.

There is a further lower unit (PV3/5) available that is supplied with either Decking or Paving Support Plates, already installed, for the simpler requirement.

Technical Support

For technical assistance or pricing & availability on the Caro Pedestal, please call our Sales Department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form.

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