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90-degree Spigot Outlets Specifications 

The Caroflow 90-degree Spigot outlet is manufactured in LM6 Aluminium Silicon casting alloy to BS EN 1706:2010 for most roof finishes as standard or in leaded gunmetal to BS EN 1982:2008 for use with lead or copper-clad roofs or for connection to copper pipework. 
Available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm spigot sizes. 
The codes and dimensions for the 90-degree Spigot outlet are as follows; 
50mm 90-degree Spigot Outlet 
– 50/90S (with Domical Grate) 
– 50/90S/F (with Flat Grate) 
A = 132, B = 300, C = 250, D = 225, E = 60 
75mm 90-degree Spigot Outlet 
– 75/90S (with Domical Grate) 
– 75/90S/F (with Flat Grate) 
A = 132, B = 300, C = 250, D = 225, E = 83 
100mm 90-degree Spigot Outlet 
– 100/90S (with Domical Grate) 
– 100/90S/F (with Flat Grate) 
A = 165, B = 380, C = 305, D = 280, E = 110 
Caroflow 90-degree Spigot outlets are suitable for connection to, PVC (with heatshrink adaptor or flexible coupling), Aluminium, Cast Iron and Copper (Gunmetal only). 

Drainage Areas & Flow Rates for 90-degree Spigot Outlets 

BS EN 12056-3:2000 (Gravity drainage systems inside buildings – Part 3: Roof drainage, layout and calculation) now specifically limits the drainage capacity that can be used to calculate areas to be drained, so as to prevent siphonic action that may damage internal pipework. 
Previous physical testing of all our outlets has shown that the rates and areas (see adjacent table) are lower than results that have been seen from this actual testing. 
All rates are assuming that the outlet grate is free and clear of any debris/blockages 
Results are based on a rainfall intensity of 75mm per hour and a 35mm head of water adjacent to the outlet (45mm head for 160mm outlets as per EN 1253-2:2015). 
The flow rates shown should be used as a guide only. Each drainage area will have individual features that may influence overall flow characteristics. 


Example Specification 

100mm nominal bore CAROFLOW 90-degree Spigot aluminium rainwater outlet with domical grating (Code 100/90S) as manufactured by Caroflow Limited. 

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