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LoLine Shower Outlet for Vinyl Flooring Application Specifications 

CAROFLOW LoLine Shower Outlets for Tiled Flooring Applications (right), comprises of the following: 
Body 95mm in height, powder coated ‘Caro Blue’ which allows easy connection to 40mm compression or push fit pipework. 
A Clamping Ring. To match the Grating Assembly, this is available in powder coated aluminium, machined matt or highly polished stainless steel finishes. This holds the cover and trap in place to compress and seal the waterproofing membrane. 
A Sealing ring, which is held captive in the Clamping Ring. This provides a full gas tight seal to prevent foul odours. 
A Trap, made from Polypropylene, which is easily removed and installed without fixings. 
A Grating Assembly, that consists of a square bezel and removable grating. This can be manufactured in electrostatically applied powder coated aluminium, machined matt or highly polished stainless steel finish. 
As standard the powder-coated Tile Set and Clamping Ring for the LoLine Shower Outlet for Tiled Flooring is coated in White, but by ascertaining a definitive RAL colour we can powder-coat in-house to your requirements. 
LoLine Shower Outlet for Tiled Flooring 
LL/T/P – LoLine with White Powder-Coated Tile Set 
LL/T/SSM – LoLine with Machined Matt Stainless Steel Tile Set 
LL/T/SSP – LoLine with Highly Polished Stainless Steel Tile Set 
For cleaning purposes, remove the concentric grating from the square bezel by un-screwing the two screws. Once grating is removed, lift the polypropylene trap free and perform any necessary maintenance. Once complete, restore components accordingly. 

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