As well as the WaterWall and WaterDoor, you may wish to consider some further products when protecting your property/premises from the threat of flooding.  Please note: the following items are not manufactured by Caro FDS, but we can certainly source these for you.
Water Wall Water Door

Anti-Flood Airbricks

Anti-Flood Airbricks allow unrestricted airflow underneath the property, but under flood conditions they are automatically shut off by the rising waters. Unlike sand bags and covers, no flood warning or pre flood intervention is required allowing the end user to 'Fit and Forget'.
Flood Defence Products

Airbrick Covers

There are a variety of cost-effective Airbrick Covers available in the market place, but all are designed for the same purpose - to prevent ingress of rising flood water. During a flood, standard airbricks can allow thousands of litres of water into a property within a matter of minutes.
Removable Flood Barriers

CT1 Sealant

CT1 is a sealant that will successfully bond Metal including Aluminium. The clear, odourless and UV resistant adhesive has been used in many WaterWall and WaterDoor installations and is recommended by Caro FDS for the fixing of its Wall Rails to the brickwork/masonry.