Paving and Decking Supports

Having manufactured and supplied the Caro Support since 1985, Carosystems Limited now introduce the Caro Pedestal, a Paving and Decking support system that further extends the Caro range. Allowing for heights from 3cm to 100cm the Caro Pedestal can cater for all requirements.
  • Immediate drainage between and under slabs
  • Protection of waterproofing membrane
  • Simple installation
  • Services, drainage, conduits – all hidden under slabs and decking
Caro Support

Caro Support

CARO SUPPORT is a Block Co-polymer Polypropylene injection moulding that raises paving 15mm above the supporting surface and can be easily separated into halves or quarters for edge and corner details.
Caro Pedestal

Caro Pedestal (Decking)

Our system has been successfully used since 1978 and can cater for virtually all decking situations. It is a fully engineered system of basic components that, when all combined, can give an economic solution to the designer and installer's needs.
Caro Pedestal

Caro Pedestal (Paving)

As with the Caro Pedestal for Decking, the Paving version allows for the greater heights that may sometimes be required and that cannot be achieved with the stacking of the Caro Support. Again it can give an economic solution when compared to other, more expensive systems.
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