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Adjustable Pedestal Bases and Accessories for Paving 

The Caro Pedestal Adjustable Bases for Paving are available in five heights which, when the relevant Support Plate is chosen, will offer a wide range of height variation possibilities. The large and easy to access threaded “wheel” adjuster gives infinite height tuning, so as to achieve the perfect flat surface. 
Successfully specified and used throughout Europe since 1978, the paving pedestal system offers a comprehensive solution for your paving and decking terrace areas. Allowing for infinite adjustment in height and level using the various modular components shown below. 
If you have any questions regarding our paving pedestal range, or our decking and stackable Caro Support ranges, don’t hesitate to get in touch!  


Adjustable pedestal base to suit heights from 35mm-50mm. 


Adjustable pedestal base to suit heights from 50mm-80mm. 


Adjustable pedestal base to suit heights from 80mm-110mm. 


Adjustable pedestal base to suit heights from 110mm-140mm. 


Adjustable pedestal base to suit heights from 140mm-170mm. 


For use with all above adjustable pedestal bases, the C3/4T Support Plate for Paving provides a constant 3mm gap between each slab/tile. 


A support plate with no upstands. Perfect for sitting under the centre of the slab/tile should extra reinforcement be required. 


The F30 Extension Piece will increase the height variance of any of the above adjustable bases by an extra 30mm. This product can also be stacked for further height adjustment. 


The AF100 Extension Piece will increase the height variance of any of the above adjustable bases by an extra 100mm. This product can be screwed together in multiples for further height adjustment. 


The HS2 Slope Corrector, when placed under the Adjustable Base, will compensate for a 2 degree slope. They can be added in multiples to correct in 2-degree increments up to a 10-degree slope. 


The HA5 Automatic Slope Corrector will allow any unevenness or slopes to be easily eliminated and hidden and can correct differences of up to 5 degrees. It is compatible with the Support Plates and Pedestals. 


The Rubber Packer Shim is 2mm thick and, apart from offering acoustic and slippage benefits, they can be used for compensation of irregularities on the underside of materials being supported. Simple to cut, if required, the Shims give that final tweak to the system. 

Caro AK Paving Pedestal Range - for Edge Installations 

Whilst the standard adjustable bases can be trimmed to allow for edge installations, the Caro Pedestal AK range is available with a pre-formed flat side helping to reduce time and labour. These are available in the same height variations as above, so when ordering, simply replace the PV on the above codes with AK. 


Adjustable pedestal base for edge / restricted installations to suit heights from 35mm – 50mm 


Adjustable pedestal base for edge/restricted installations to suit heights from 50mm – 80mm 

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Technical Support 

For technical assistance or pricing & availability on the Caro Pedestal, please call our sales department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form. 
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