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Roof and Floor Drainage

A comprehensive range of Roof and Floor Drainage Products
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Paving and Decking Supports

Fixed and adjustable supports for both paved and decked areas.
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Flood Defences

WaterWall & WaterDoor Flood Barrier, mountable & demountable flood protection
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Offers a complete service from casting to finished products.
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Catch the Caro Paving and Decking Supports on Film!

Carosystems Adjustable Paving and Decking Pedestals, allow for infinite adjustment in height and level, for a robust and secure installation.

Built from various modular components, it's easy to see why the system has been so successfully and specified throughout Europe since 1978. You can view our latest video below to see the pedetsals in action and being installed for both a decked and paved area.

For more information on our Paving and Decking Support systems, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email info@caro.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the About page here for more information.
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Have you been affected/let down by your flood barrier supplier? Caro Group can help…

Caro Flood Defence Systems have been manufacturing and supplying WaterWall and WaterDoor Demountable Flood Barriers in the UK and Worldwide for over 16 years.   Formed from expertise and technical knowledge pooled from within The Caro Group of Companies, who have a long and successful trading history in the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Since 2001, Caro Flood Defence Systems have manufactured, supplied and, where required, installed equipment for clients such as Dover Port Authority, Royal Shakespeare Company (Stratford Upon Avon), various Local Authorities & Councils plus a number of projects across the World.
Some of the benefits of WaterWall and WaterDoor include:
  • WaterWall – used for openings over 2000mm wide such as driveways, garages, roller shutter doors
  • WaterDoor – used for openings under 2000mm wide such as single and double doors
  • Robust and lightweight Aluminium design
  • Available in four heights: 300mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm
  • Produced to suit any size opening width
  • Available for fitting within the reveal or on to the face of the opening
  • 300mm high panels with handles
  • Erected in minutes and stored away when not required
  • One T-bar Allen Key for easy deployment
  • Available with optional extras such as powder coating to make components less obtrusive plus covers for rails for a neater finish
  • Manufactured by CARO in the United Kingdom 

Should you require installation too, we have a network of Approved Installers who we could put you in touch with.  All our Installers have many years’ experience fitting our equipment and they also have access to ancillary products, which may also be of interest such as air brick covers, wall sealants, pan seals etc.
The Caro Group is formed of four companies, the first of which Carosystems Limited commenced trading in 1985 and over the past 30 years have become a leading name in the Construction Industry for its range of Paving & Decking Supports/Pedestals.
Then in the early 90s the Group expanded to incorporate Caroflow Limited, which offers a comprehensive range of Aluminium Flat Roof & Floor Drainage Products (similar to the likes of Alumasc Harmer, Marley Alutec, Wade etc).  This range is manufactured within the Group’s in-house Die and Sand Casting Foundry Maybrey Reliance, which also caters for many commercial, aerospace, military and other casting requirements.

For more information on our Flood Defence Systems, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email info@caro.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the About page for more information on Caro Flood Defence Systems.

Caro Flood Defence WaterWall  Caro Flood Defence WaterDoorCaro Flood Barrier WaterDoor  Caro Flood Barrier WaterWall

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Caro FDS Collaborate with Local Architect to Subtly Protect Family Home from Damaging Floods

Once again Caro Flood Defence Systems demonstrated their flexibility and years of expertise by providing a “bespoke” flood solutions for a high end single family dwelling on the river banks of a property in Buckinghamshire.

As part of the planning consent, and to generally safeguard the property, Caro Flood Defence Systems were commissioned to provide flood barriers to five openings around the home, ranging from just under one metre wide and up to four-and-a-half metres wide. 
Caro, one of the UK’s leading Flood Defence manufacturers, collaborated with a local Architectural Practice to ensure that the design was as unobtrusive as possible so as not to diminish from the grandeur of this stunning property.  As part of this process, the ground inserts for the Caro Waterwall were adapted to suit limited floor depths, whilst the floor and surrounds were designed in such a way, that all components could be hidden from view when the flood defences are not required. 

For more information on our Flood Defence Barriers, WaterWall or WaterDoor systems and services, please contact our sales team on 01763 244 446 or email info@caro.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the CARO Group website at here.

Caro Flood Defence Systems WaterWall     Caro Flood Defence Systems WaterDoor


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Caro Flood Defence WaterDoor
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Caro Group have been supplying to the Construction Industry and Manufacturing for many other industries for more than 30 years. The Caro Group of Companies has established itself and created a name for the Highest Quality with the Lowest Prices.