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Adjustable and Fixed Height  Paving and Decking Pedestal Supports 

Quick and simple to install, the range allows for infinite adjustments in height and level to ensure a rigid installation. 
Caro Paving Support

Caro Paving Support System 

A Block Co-polymer Polypropylene injection moulding that raises paving 15mm above the supporting surface. Easily stacked up to 120mm and separated into halves or quarters for edge and corner details. 
Caro RC Rubber Pedestal Range

Caro RC Rubber Pedestal Range 

Caro's range of paving and decking rubber support pads and pedestals are available in four heights which, when the relevant Support Plate is chosen for Paving, or decking give a huge amount of choice for lower height variances. 
Caro Adjustable For Decking

Caro Adjustable Pedestals  For Decking 

Our system has been used successfully since 1978 and can cater for virtually all decking situations. It is a fully engineered system of basic components that, when all combined, can give an economic solution. 
Caro RC Rubber Pedestal Range

Caro Non-Combustible Paving Pedestal Range 

Manufactured from galvanised steel and aluminium, this new addition to the Caro range of Paving Supports and Adjustable Paving and Decking Support systems allows full compliance to the European Classification for the A1 (Non-Combustible) Rating. 
Caro Adjustable For Paving / Tiles

Caro Adjustable Pedestals  For Paving / Tiles 

As with the Caro Pedestal for Decking, the Paving version allows for the greater heights that may sometimes be required and that cannot be achieved with the stacking of the Caro Support. 
Caro Premium Pedestal Range

Caro Premium Adjustable Pedestal Range 

The Premium range introduces a new generation of adjustable pedestals with minimum dimensions for maximum potential.  This 17-23mm high paving and decking system allows us to offer an adjustable range from 17mm right through to 1000mm high. 

Why Choose Caro Decking and Paving Supports?  

Having manufactured and supplied the Caro Support since 1985, Carosystems introduce the Caro Pedestal, a Paving and Decking support system that further extends the Caro range. Allowing for heights from 3cm to 100cm the Caro Pedestal can cater for all requirements. 
If you have any questions on how to lay patio slabs on sand or how to use a decking support pedestal, get in touch with us. 
Simple installation reduces time and labor 
Next day delivery (subject to stock and time of order) 
Immediate drainage between and under surface 
UK design and manufacture since 1985 
Having manufactured and supplied the Caro Support since 1985, Carosystems Limited introduced the Caro Pedestal, a Paving and Decking support system that further extends the Caro range, in 2013. Allowing for heights from 1.5cm to 100cm the Caro Supports and Pedestals can cater for all requirements with the following benefits: 
Immediate drainage between and under the area, thereby preventing the build up of standing water and plant growth 
Protection of the waterproofing membrane from temperature extremes and direct contact damage 
Much simpler installation, which reduces time and labour 
Most services, drainage outlets, conduits, wiring, etc, can be concealed below leaving a safe, unobstructed area 
A larger than average base area giving greater weight distribution 
Instant access to replace damaged slabs or decking or to be able to inspect services without damaging the original installation. 

Caro Pedestals at Work 

The standard Adjustable Pedestal Bases are available in five heights which, when the relevant Support Plate is chosen (for Decking, Paving and Gridded areas) will give a huge amount of choice for height variances. The large and easy to access threaded “wheel” adjuster gives infinite height tuning, so as to achieve the perfect flat surface. 
The addition of extension pieces, slope correctors and packer shims expand the potential of the Caro Pedestal to an almost unlimited variety of uses and solutions. 
Caro Pedestals at Work
Caro Decking Supports
Caro Pedestal Supports
Caro Decking Supports Grid
Caro Pedestals under decking
Caro support pedestals used in decking
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Caro Pedestals supporting solar panels

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Technical Support 

For technical assistance or pricing & availability on the Caro Pedestal, please call our sales department on (01763) 244446 or you can enquire using our online form
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