A recent installation at a major Electrical sub-station, in West London, has further shown the flexibility and scope that Caro Flood’s WaterWall Defence Barrier can bring to such unique projects. 
The client had required a barrier that could completely surround the large external electrical equipment on site, without preventing access into the fenced off enclosure and all components could be stored away when not needed. Caro FDS's WaterWall was a perfect solution, but with few right-angles in sight, the resulting design was pretty unique and included a very long run of panels! 
As with all Caro Flood projects, compound angles were calculated and a bespoke solution designed with multiple non-standard angles; before production was started with delivery to site within two weeks. 
The location, which is right beside a river, has been affected by flooding in the past and the station is under continual threat. The clients had to get something in place as soon as possible and, after in-depth research, they decided on the Caro Flood Defence Systems WaterWall and WaterDoor products because of its reliability and convenient storage. 
GRK Flood Defences were the sub-contracted installers to the Main Contractors on site. A major supplier and provider of Flood Defence products, GRK Flood have supplied Caro WaterWall and WaterDoor to many residential and commercial properties throughout the UK. 
A combination of experienced installers and WaterWall’s simple design meant installation was quick and the sub-station was fully protected from future flooding within one week of arriving on site. 
If you are looking for flood prevention solutions, please contact the Caro Flood Defence sales team on 01763 244446, for more information or your no-obligation quote. 

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