This month Caro Flood were invited to attend and exhibit at the opening of the new HR Wallingford Flood Resilience School. 
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The flood school is a carefully and cleverly developed building that has been designed to show the future of flood defence in construction on flood plains. 
Many technological advances have been made in the flood protection market offering some advanced products that allow construction companies building on flood plains. Plans approved for major construction projects in the UK show that one in ten new homes will be built in high risk flood areas in the next 2 years. 
The advances in Flood Protection products is encouraging news for the construction sector and allows homes built in these high risk areas to build flood resilience in to the fabric of the building, offering water retention products and products that easily allow homes to be dried following a flood, giving a full Property Flood Resilience package, but what about existing homes that need to protect themselves. 
The changes in climate and also the amount of homes being built on Green Belt areas has changed the amount of rainwater in the UK and how the Surface water is dispersed. Homes that were never at risk of flooding are now being forced to look to defend their homes from increasing levels of passing or surface water. 
Caro Flood Defence offers a tested solution to flood protection. WaterDoor barriers to protect doors and openings and WaterWall to protect larger openings such as driveways or garages. These quickly and easily installed barriers offer a high level of protection from flooding, and when used in conjunction with some of the wonderful retro fitted products available, Caro Flood can help give you the security you need in the event of flooding. 

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