The Caro Group are constantly looking at ways in which we can help the environment for future generations.  Producing Decking Supports and Spacers for paving has an inherent Carbon Footprint that would be difficult to counteract just by changing production techniques, so here at Caro Systems, we have decided to work with our logistics provider to offset our inherited carbon footprint
Sustainable Industry
Caro is working with HBC logistics by paying a voluntary fee for every delivery of our Paving Supports, Adjustable Decking and Paving Pedestals which HBC are using to fund worldwide projects with Carbon Neutral Britain, plus future local projects.  
Most of these funds will fund the worldwide renewable energy and forest projects by CNB. From planting trees to building sustainable energy resources for third-world countries, our contribution will make a huge difference in the future of our Earth.  The construction industry greatly impacts the environment, so the Caro Group is looking at every way we can to head towards Carbon Negative production of our Paving Supports and Decking Supports
Carbon Neutral Britain is a non-governmental organisation with an initiative to help Britain’s businesses make an impact on climate change. Founded in 2020, CNB has already offset over 500,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions and planted over three million trees worldwide, which is an incredible achievement. 
Ultimately, we feel this is a quick and effective solution for The Caro Group to join the movement and become your local Carbon Positive delivery partner. 
As we begin our sustainability journey, this is a really exciting time. Are you interested in finding out more? Please feel free to give us a call at 01763 244446 or email 

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