Maybrey Precision Castings are a Sand Casting Foundry and Die Foundry previously in South London, now located in its new home in Aylesford in Kent. Maybreys have been working on its sustainability since its relocation to the new premises and are proud to announce that they have now managed to remove 97% of fossil fuel usage. 
Maybreys sustainability journey has been directed by the board and has encompassed all areas of production. Gas usage in a foundry has always caused inherent Co2 issues and Maybreys have been working tirelessly to eradicate its use wherever possible. 
Gas fired furnaces were the first thing to be changed, gas is a much cheaper option for furnace heating but Maybreys invested in Induction furnaces for all areas of both the Sand Casting Foundry and the Die Foundry. Heat treatment ovens were also a large user of Gas but in the last year Maybreys have managed to convert all Heat Treatment ovens to Electric, not only decreasing our Co2 usage but also improving the heating and turnaround rates of the ovens, making them 35% more effective. 
Maybreys has been casting for over 180 years dating back to the Hatcham Iron works and George Englands locomotives and to this day still manufactures castings for some the UK’s historic railways including the Bluebell Railway, Kent and East Sussex and the Isle of Wight railway. 
Information on our heritage can be found in our Heritage brochure telling the story of George England, Robert Fairlie and the Hatcham Iron Works. 
Maybreys has ambitious plans to continue its sustainability journey including Alternative Energy sources and electric distribution, keep looking out for more on Maybreys Green Journey in future blogs. 
If you would like any more information on Maybreys Sustainability journey, please contact us at 

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