With UK Manufacturing thrown in to the spot light during the last recession, we're so honoured to still be working with some amazing clients to create unique sandcastings . 
Our iron foundry has the capacity to produce complex sand castings up to one tonne in weight with aerospace, defence, building, art/design and locomotive being just some of the industries we supply. Below are a small selection of some of the wonderful pieces Maybrey Reliance have recently produced. 
A cast iron balustrade with oranate leaf and berry details. The leaves and branches even have visible veins for a more life like effect. 
A cast iron floor grill with a unique pattern. 
The above cherubs were produced in mass for a locomotive customer. They will be fixed to the front of the engine. 
Maybrey has one of the most diverse sand foundries in the UK, producing high grade flake iron and more sophisticated specifications such as silicon and nickel irons, SG, steels, as well as aluminium and bronze. 

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