Levelling a sloping terrace with paving or decking can often present difficulties with regard to the number of pedestals required at varying heights. However, along with a comprehensive range of adjustable bases and support plates, Carosystems Limited provide extension pieces to further enhance the Caro Pedestal’s flexibility. 
PV5/9 and F35
Available in 20mm (F20), 35mm (F35) and 100mm (AF100), the pedestal extension pieces allow you to continue to utilise the same adjustable base over a large paved or decked area/balcony. The other benefit of the pedestal extension piece is that you can use them in multiples to further adjust the height variance. 
In the decking area shown (Image 1), the PV5/9 (Adjustable base to suit heights: 52-84mm) has been utilised with one and then two F35s (along with a CP support plate for decking) to offer significant adjustment over the entire area. The F35 increases the height of the PV5/9 by 35mm, meaning that the height variance will now be 87-119mm. Stacking a second F35 on top will increase the height by another 35mm (122-154mm) and so on. 
PV9 / 13
The F20 works on the same principle but offers an increase of 20mm instead of 35mm. 
The AF100 increases the adjustable base height by 100mm. However, whilst the F20 and F35 are fitted between the adjustable base and relevant support plate, the AF100 is screwed in place between the two parts of the adjustable base (the bottom platform and the threaded piece).  
Again, you can use these in multiples by simply screwing them together. The exploded diagram below (Image 2) shows the component possibilities and where they go within each pedestal. 
The breadth of the Carosystems range means great versatility for customers with both straight-forward and unusual locations to pave or deck. Manufacturing and supplying since 1985, Carosystems have expert knowledge and experience; making them the market leaders for paving and decking support requirements. 

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