The Caro Group have spent 2022 working on its Sustainable Development. Caroflow Limited, the producer of Roof Rainwater Outlets and Floor drainage outlets, contacted all of its major suppliers to work with them to reduce packaging and plastic from goods supplied. 
Whilst Caro fall short of the levels of packaging that would attract Plastic Tax, they still wanted to do everything possible to lower plastic waste. Our main supplier, supplying over 90% of materials for our production process, sent all items in plastic packing, meaning The Caro Group were disposing of over 1 Tonne of single use plastic waste per year. 
Whilst many companies are taking steps to reduce plastic pollution and recycle where possible, less than 14 Percent of the 86 Million tons of plastic produced are actually recycled, leaving nearly 74 Million tons to pollute the environment and overflow our landfills every year. Whilst some companies make a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste, many others continue to value profit over our global environment. 
Caro has managed to procure Steel delivery cages for all our materials to be delivered in, sending these to Suppliers and only receiving materials in these cages. This has dramatically reduced the level of waste produced by Caroflow Limited, from over 1 Tonne per year to less than 20kg per year, a reduction of 98%! 
This move has also allowed Caroflow to cease its skip collections entirely. The small amount of plastic received is now recycled by Maidstone Council, removing 1 Tonne per year of plastic waste from landfills. 
Caroflow Limited will continue its sustainability journey, reviewing all areas of waste and efficiencies in energy. If you would like to know more about the environmental journey being undertaken by Caroflow Limited or Caro Systems Limited, please contact us here at the Royston Head Office
You can help bring these changes forward in your company or local community by making suppliers and retailers more responsible for their plastic waste. If you would like help with this, please get in touch with us for advice on our experiences. 

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