Maybrey Reliance invests in Solar Power to reduce the vulnerability of rising electricity costs. 
In 2021 Maybrey Reliance made the decision to move from three sites in South London to a multi purpose site in Aylesford. The move allowed all manufacturing facilities to be held together on one highly technical site comprising of three inter-connected production facilities. 
Maybreys have always been aware of the inherent Carbon Footprint in the industry and decided to use the move to not only maximise production and increase efficiency but also to take steps to start reducing the companies Carbon output. 
With the help of Maidstone Council, Maybreys were able to implement a number of changes including the installation of LED lighting throughout the factory, reduced powered compressors and low powered machinery, helping lower their power consumption by over 15% 
During the location change Maybreys also took steps to remove all fossil fuels from the production process, changing all furnaces to electric and removing all gas-powered heat treatment facilities. 
Power supply was a problem when they first moved in, and even though a second supply was installed to increase the total wattage, they knew then another solution was necessary if they were to expand in the future. 
The energy price rises helped them decide to invest in a Solar Power Project to both protect Maybreys from the vulnerability of the rising energy costs and also give them the opportunity to grow in the future. 
The 3 roofs of the Production Centre have been covered with 15,000 square feet of solar panels, yielding at least 50% of our total power. The cost of solar power development has been funded by the company and its directors, with the pay back being in as little as 3 years on current usage. 
Maybreys were also able to participate in the KENTREVS scheme, allowing them to trial Electric Delivery Vehicles. This proved to be very successful and further added to the reduction in their Carbon Footprint, whilst also assisting in the lowering of costs. Maybreys are now in the process of purchasing their first Fully Electric Van. 
Maybrey Reliance are a diverse, highly technical foundry manufacturing sand and gravity die castings in aluminium, various bronze alloys and high grade specification irons, supplying a wide variety of industry sectors and are both ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D approved. 
All of these changes have allowed Maybreys to increase production by 37% in the year whilst still lowering overhead costs giving them the best possible start to their sustainability journey. 
If you have any questions about Maybrey Reliance please feel free to contact Steve Hanscombe on 020 8311 7333 ( 

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